An Answer to a Desperate Prayer
Tuesday, January 1, 2019 by Dee Lundgren MA, LPC


“I thought life would be easier when I trusted Christ as my Savior,” said Stella.


Yesterday I was sitting in the gym sauna along with two other sweaty women who knew each other. When the subject of church came up, I felt compelled to join their conversation. Eventually one of the ladies decided she’d had enough heat for the day.   


Stella, a 50ish woman with a thick accent and I were left. The conversation went from church to God. I learned she was a believer from Romania.


She remarked that when she came to Christ she thought life would be smooth sailing. However, in her 20’s she developed back issues along with a host of other difficulties.


“I’ve had severe back pain for over 25 years.” “Some days are just so hard.”


At times Stella would succumb to feeling overwhelmed.  One particularly difficult morning she cried out to God in prayer. She pleaded with Him to let her know He loved her that day.


“Could you just let me know that you love me?” she asked.


She knew God loved her.  But at that moment she asked God for a special reminder of his love. No one but God knew of her desperate prayer.


Later Stella spent the day with her daughter and cousin at the spa enjoying various saunas. (I’ve learned through several gym members from that area of the world that going to a sauna can be an all-day social thing. As for me, 30 minutes of baking in 200+ heat is my max.)


When the women were about to leave the spa, she noticed a middle-aged man staring at her. It wasn’t a look that made her uncomfortable—it was a kind look.


This man slowly walked up to Stella and said these unforgettable words in English, “I just wanted you to know that God loves you.” It was then my new friend remembered her desperate prayer for God to let her know He loved her. God had specifically answered her prayer.

It turned out this gentleman was a missionary to Romania. Like the locals, he was also spending a few hours at the spa.


 A divine appointment. Answered prayer. God shows up.


I just love this story. God is all about showing up in our lives especially when we are overcome with sadness. With personal heartache. With a loss.


Perhaps you are relieved 2018 is now in your rearview mirror. I don’t know what this New Year holds in store for you. But I do know God loves you. He sees your joys as well as your pain.


God invites us to come to Him even when we are desperate. I am reminded of the verse, Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted. Matthew 5:5


God wants to comfort you. He loves you and has not forgotten you.


Blessings to you as we welcome in 2019!


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