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Stuck. It’s a frustrating feeling.


The day after returning to Philadelphia from my daughter’s wedding in Cancun, I was caught in a blizzard.


My plan was to leave the office once the snow got heavy. However, when the snow began it was already too late. As I started driving, the thick snowfall was blinding my visibility. I was forced to stop in the middle of the road and use my arm to clear the windshield.


When I got back into the car, it couldn’t move forward.  Back and forth the car rocked, digging itself into a deeper rut. Several other cars in both directions couldn’t move.


When I saw a tow truck get stuck is when I decided I’d try walking the five miles home. I was able to back up and park the car. Temperatures were dropping and the businesses along the road had closed early.


Within an hour of trudging through the snow, I accepted a ride from a stranger in an SUV. And unlike in the movies, I didn’t die.


In life we all can get stuck. I’ve put together eight ways we stay stuck when we experience trials along with some positive thoughts.



  1. Blaming God for our trials.  Reasoning that if God is sovereign and powerful; He shouldn’t have allowed          the loss to occur. It is important to realize God is totally holy and isn’t the author of evil. 


   2. Thinking good Christians won’t experience emotional pain. The opposite is true as we learn in            l Peter 4:12.


    3. Not allowing enough time to grieve your losses.  Usually grief takes longer than we expect.                        Experts say the loss of a child takes 6-10 years to grieve. Divorce can take over a year to mourn. Be patient with              yourself.


     4. Assuming crying means you lack faith or are weak. Jesus wept. John 11:35


     5. Believing the lie that trials means you lack faith. Hebrews 11:39 tells us: These were all     commended for their faith, yet none of them received what was promised.


     6. Not being involved in a local church. Hebrews 10:25 warns against forsaking getting together to 



     7. Not mourning each loss when multiple problems occur in a short period of time. Remember that each heartache needs to be mourned. Blessed are they who mourn. Matt. 5:4  


     8. Blaming ourselves and engaging in guilt.  We look back wondering if we had done things differently we could have prevented the loss. Always remember: Jesus died for our guilt. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9




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